Steve Cornwell A Conservative Fighter.

Restoring Trust.
Protecting Families.

"We must end the liberal extremism in America. I'll never back down from a fight and I'll always look out for you."

I’m Steve Cornwell - a proud husband and father, Broome County District Attorney, a life-long Republican and I'm running for Congress in New York's 22nd District. With your help, I will stand against the radical left and fight for our Constitution, our freedom and our flag.

This seat is a top targeted race in 2020 with profound significance to our Nation. We need a Conservative fighter to flip it back and focus on the issues we care about: Strengthening public safety and delivering on the number one responsibility of government to keep Americans safe, ending the drug crisis at our border, fighting for jobs and opportunity for New Yorkers, taking care of our vets and curbing Washington’s power.

I’m asking for your support. Donate now.